Betulaceae, The Lady of the Woods.

New Winter work based on the stunning Inverkirkaig river and the surrounding Birch woods Catalogue

Drawing Exhibition

17 December 2019 - 31st March 2020

DRAWINGS by James Hawkins

An collection of James' drawings that he has done over the last 40 years. A wonderful opportunity to see early sketches and working drawings done in the field and studio over the last 40 years.

Drawings catalogue

The beginning of a longer walk

A huge thank you to all of you who came to the “Short walk in the Solu Khumbu” exhibition in London at the end of October, as a result of your support and strong sales I am delighted to tell you that with the help of the Himalayan Trust we have raised enough money to re-open the Health centre in Phortse that has been closed for three years. As well as that Tashi and Palden have started a “meals on wheels” for the elderly in the village with a daily meeting house and a hot meal which will be taken to the homes of those too frail to attend the meeting house. Flick and I intend the funding for this to be on going, supported by print and painting sales from the Gallery.

The experience of trekking in the Himalayas was life changing for us both, not just the mountains but the people. To “road test” my methodology in such a visually challenging environment and find that it worked was very encouraging; the glimpse of Buddhism that subtly influenced my imagery as the paintings developed was an unanticipated bonus. When we returned home from the exhibition and after the dust had settled I began to consider what next, at which point I realised that I was feeling disquietingly bereft. Then one morning I was walking with the dogs along the long beach below the croft and there was a patch of low winter light on the point at Rhue, suddenly I saw that I didn’t have to discontinue the work that I had begun in Nepal, I just had to bring it home. Strange to travel halfway around the world in order to see your own country with fresh eyes, or maybe not!

Nepal Exhibition 2018

Flick and I spent four weeks during October 2017 trekking in Nepal. We were there at the invitation of James Lamb who runs the Little Sherpa Foundation charity. For the week beginning 29th October 2018 I will be exhibiting the paintings made from our trek at La Galleria in Pall Mall, London; fifty percent of the profits will be donated to the charity. The drop down menu Nepal will give you more information.

Jon Schueler May and June 2016

In Flick’s Rhueart Gallery we presently have an exhibition by the American Abstract Expressionist Jon Schueler, I never thought in my wildest dreams that such a thing could happen but there it is! Part of the worldwide program of exhibitions and events to celebrate the centenary of his birth; it is a strong, subtle and beautiful show.

Jon was taught by Clifford Still who introduced him to Turner, and by Mark Rothko; Jon’s use of paint is similar in manner to Rothko’s but employed to very different ends. Raised in Wisconsin Jon experienced the enormous skies and felt great excitement in the tumultuous storms and the power of nature that he saw over Lake Michigan. A degree in English and a career as a writer and journalist was cut short by the Second World War during which Jon was a navigator in a B17 bomber, (the one’s with a Plexiglas nose), in which he describes being suspended in the sky. He saw some terrible things of course and those, along with the loss of his mother at six months troubled him deeply. He was stationed in Molesworth England where he met Bunty Challis who talked to him about Scotland and the rugged west coast. These memories remained and in the winter of 57-58 he painted in Mallaig, returning again for five years from 70-75 and then frequently visiting after.

In his own words; "I went to Scotland to think about death along with everything else. I wanted to watch the Devil come to me there. I felt that I could face him more surely and recognise him for what he is. The city is too full, perhaps too full of wonderful things, wonderful temptations disguised as necessities, too full of necessities disguised as life. I wanted to go to the mountain and to meet my own thoughts, and to meet God and to meet the Devil and see his face and tell him to go to Hell. The confusion of my life had been yearly compounded for 40 years. A north wind blowing off the sea promised clarity. I wanted to live in the middle of one of my paintings for a year. I wanted to be in one spot and watch the painting change. I saw clouds menacing my mind's eye, and the rain shafts or the mist obliterating horizons and forming new forms with the clouds and landmasses blending with the sea. I chose northern Scotland as my cathedral, because for my needs at that moment, it seemed the only church that would do."

I was interviewed by Jon Miller for Lochbroom FM, you can listen to the 18 minute interview here.

Trail magazine article "An Teallach" by Dan Aspel

July 2015

An Teallach

On line Newspaper review 10th July

Radio Scotland


First broadcast on Thursday 4th April at 13.32 James in conversation with Raymond Mearns. Many thanks to Mike Walker producer and BBC Scotland for kind permission to reproduce this program.

Exhibitions 2013


Rhueart exhibited Riannon Van Muysen, Helen Denerley, Tobias Hodson and James Hawkins at this prestigious Biennial in France during late June and July. The multi venued exhibition featured more than sixty international artists in eight different venues across the town. All were well attended and we met Dominique Gais from Paris who will be visiting Rhue during September to take photographs in preparation for an exhibition here next summer.


James exhibited at The Gallery in Cork Street again during the first week in March. This time with Mo Farquharson an old friend and contempory from the Ruskin School of Drawing. The exhibition ran from Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th March, 10.30 am - 7 pm

People and Places

An exhibition of James' recent work including new cut out pieces on paper and Carbon fibre took place from 12th-16th June 2012 at The Gallery, Cork Street, London.

Cutting Edge Catalogue

We've applied to various Art Fairs in London during 2013 and are waiting to hear if we have been sucessfull; watch this space as they say.

Interview with Mandy Haggith in Northings

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I have begun sending an email alert to those who have expressed an interest in being kept up to date when new paintings are added to the gallery page, if you would like to be included please sign up for an email alert and I will add you to the list.

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